This weekend we took a special trip with my bro and sis in law (SIL) to a somewhat unexpected destination for a concert. Chowchilla doesn’t really come up on my list of happenin’ places to have a concert, but that’s where we ended up in order to go see Tyronne Wells. Tyronne, besides being an exceptional performer and artist, is an old college friend of Mr. C’s and consequently, the object of my SIL’s affections and musical obsessions. 🙂 Though I’ve heard countless hours of Tyronne’s recorded music (and Mr. C’s annoying ringtones), I had never seen him live.

The concert was a benefit for LAM, which is an unpronounceable lung disease that affects women of all ages. Don’t believe me? Look how many letters are in this:

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about    

It was a great and intimate show. We really enjoyed one of the three opening bands, Hero’s Last Mission and are considering asking them to do a house concert at our place.

Then it was time for Mr. Wells. Tyronne is a highly entertaining and talented musician. He even yodels! 🙂 I’ll leave it to you to attend one of his concerts and get that story.

I think Mr. C’s favorite part was getting to reunite with his buddy. I took a pic of them embracing, but it didn’t turn out. 😉 It was nice to finally meet the man behind the music and behind some of my hubby’s crazy stories. It was a great night and fun to spend some time with family too. We’re looking forward to the next show… and crossing our fingers it takes us somewhere a little different than Chowchilla!


2 thoughts on “Chicks dig guys who yodel

  1. Amber Frey says:

    NO way! Jeremy and I are huge fans of Tyrone Wells!!!! He is one of our favorite musicians!! A true talent! Way too cool that him and Mr. C are friends from college! Looks like you guys had a great time. Oh and P.S. LOVE THE BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS! Looks so good!

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