What’s with all this talk about “Mama’s Boys”? Why don’t we ever hear anything said about “Mama’s Girls”? Like, “Oh, don’t mind her. She’s just a bit of a mama’s girl?” Maybe it just doesn’t sound right. And it’s not that I’m saying I’m a mama’s girl, but I know for a fact that my mother has influenced me just as much as my father has, and just as much as she has influenced my brother. In fact, as a woman, I think I’ve learned an incredible amount about love, life, domesticity and strength from my mom. But, one thing I never really thought about was fashion. I don’t think my mom really considers herself much of a fashion bug. And I never thought much of it until I stumbled across this blog.

For this month’s installment of Blog Love, I have to talk about My Mom, The Style Icon. I found this blog through an unusual avenue – through a magazine, Lucky Magazine, to be exact. One of my favorite pages the last few months has been the very last page of the magazine where they feature a vintage photograph of a “mom” and break down her unique style, then match it up with current styles.

Everything old is new again, and this feature capitalizes on that. I learned that these pages are inspired by the My Mom, The Style Icon blog, and just like the magazine feature; readers submit photographs and stories of their own moms and showcase their incredible style. I have become quite addicted to the posts and vintage looks of mother’s all over the country.

This inspired me to dig up a few vintage photos of my mom. All I can say is, that woman had some style! I love these photos of her and have come to appreciate what a fashionable and cool mom she’s been.
Look at that sweet hair. What a classic gal!

Love the shades and the head scarf almost too much for words!

Love the simplicity of this, and the fun of a summer straw hat

This shearling coat is incredible.

I wish she still had this dress. I would wear it now.

I encourage you to dig through some of your old family photos, and discover your mom’s unique style. It just may make you appreciate her even more.

Even better news about this blog – they just released a book! I can’t wait to get it!


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