Well, we’re back from an exciting and fun filled weekend with the in laws! Our journeys up north are always so great that it’s very hard to come home knowing that it may be a while until we get to spend precious time with our family. Mr. C. and I both go through a few days of honest depression as we settle back into our regular routines.We wish they lived so so much closer than a 5 hour drive.

It was another weekend full of food and relaxing, which is what we normally do when we get to see the folks. And there are no complaints on that part. We did venture out on Saturday to check out the Willows Car and Bike Show. In such a small town, the most minor things can be pretty darn exciting. 🙂

Other than that, we just spent sweet time laughing, talking and hanging out. Church, movies, time with friends, food, decadent desserts and more. Who wouldn’t be depressed after all of that?! Sadly, I didn’t take many photos… I really need to be better about that. But again, when we are just relaxing, I get very good at settling in and living in those moments. I did get a quick shot of our walk with Jackson. Not that exciting? I know.

It’s nice to be able to take Jackson along when we visit. Our folks are nice enough to host their fur grandson too, but it’s not too difficult since he is pretty much the best dog in the world. Yes, I’m partial. The worst part? Enduring Jackson’s gag-educing farts on the way to and from Willows! UGH!!!!


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