Am I the only one that has about a thousand things pinned on Pinterest, with the idea that I will make all of these gorgeous projects, lovely home décor items, adorable crafts and genius gifts… only to find that my thousand pins more likely just sit and look pretty on screen? Pinterest has become a source of both great joy and inspiration and also of frustration for me. Because, I know myself, and I know my crazy schedule and I know that I’m not going to get half of those things done. But I can’t stop pinning!

I’ve seen a few blog projects and contests inspiring pinners to stop pinning and start doing. Again, I’m way too busy to take place in something like that, but I had the thought the other day, “How about just one pin at a time?” YES! Brilliant. Even the biggest hurdles and projects start with baby steps. So I combed through my pins last week and selected one that I could realistically do in a week… and I did it!
I found this beautiful art piece/photo collage on Etsy. Though I fell in love with littlebrownpen’s work, the price tag was way too high for me. Also, being a photographer (hobby, not professional) myself, I knew that I could gather up some of my own images to display. That’s precisely what I did. I knew I also wanted to start to transform my den with an accent color – rust/copper/orangey tones. So, through the magic of Photoshop, I was able to bring out the subtle rusty tones in each image. I relied on my favorite photo lab to kick out some gorgeous prints with a cool retro white border, picked up a box of beautiful silver map pins and went for it.

I love how this art warmed up this little corner. I love the color. I love that they are MY photographs. And I love that I did it for $20! A far cry from the $145 for the original piece I was drooling over.
I’m looking forward to selecting to next pin to DIY!


2 thoughts on “Bringing “pins” to life

  1. Amber Frey says:

    That looks soooo good! I am completely addicted to Pinterest!!! What color paint is on your wall? I love it!

  2. Mrs. C says:

    Thanks Amber. I'm addicted too. I have to force myself to take breaks or it's out of control! The paint is from Behr (Home Depot) and it's called Porpoise. It's a beautiful gray that kind of changes color in different light and will look more blue or purple or gray – kind of like a porpoise does. We LOVE it!

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