Well, I’ve survived. Turning 30 that is. And yes, I say survive, because unlike most birthdays, I was not looking forward to the big 3-0. I can’t help but look back at my life and simultaneously be grateful for how far I’ve come and how much I have accomplished (and the endless ways I have been blessed) and also quite sad that I seem so far behind the “timeline” that I had hoped for. I was married much later than I thought I would be. I thought I would be done having kids by 30 and we haven’t even started that journey. But, God is good and so is His plan for my life. I’ve come to embrace that, especially after looking around at our home, full of friends and family, there to celebrate my big milestone with me this weekend. What a blessing!

Though the weather appeared to threaten to rain us out (almost unheard of in September)…

There was nothing some good relaxing time and a pedicure couldn’t fix. And I’m so grateful for my wonderful hubbs and family, planning, prepping and executing the entire party without me having to do a thing!

Our incredible Mexican fiesta….. MMMMMMM!!!

The big topic of conversation and probably a lot of confusion was my cake. “Why in the world would a 30 year old woman want koala bears on her cake”. “Is she in to koala bears?” The answer to that is no, but it’s a sweet story between my hubby and I and proof that he really does listen to my silly banter and loves me so incredibly much. I was so surprised! 🙂

My fave gift, from Mr. C, an incredible watch!

And absolutely no birthday would be complete without a special dinner (Cheesecake Factory this year) with my sweetie… and my annual birthday dance. You’ve just got to do something every year to make it special… and my birthday dance is LEGENDARY! 😉


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