What a restful weekend! Mr. C. and I have just returned from a wonderful weekend away in Napa/Sonoma. It was a first time in that area for both of us and it was so worth the drive (well, at least on the way out)! We were in desperate need of some time away and some quality time together. We are having trouble even remembering the last vacation day that we took together.

I will say it again, I am a spoiled, or at least well-taken-care-of wife. Ryan was able to find an amazing rental property in the hills of Sonoma. INCREDIBLE view and surroundings. The nicest host family that I’ve ever met. And PARADISE all around… plus, we got to take our sweet pup with us! Perfect family getaway.

The private bridge to our home away from home for the weekend

A very specific speed limit

Our sweet guest home. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

The private pond that we fell in love with!

We didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time at the house because we had big plans to savor the food and sights of Sonoma and Napa. But we have to admit, our favorite times of the weekend were spent at the private pond. We suspect that was Jack’s favorite part too. We could barely keep him out of the water. He’s quite the water dog! We already have plans to return and spend some more time on the grounds… fishing, hiking, and so much more.

Mr. C’s first catch. Small but mighty! 🙂

Much of the rest of the weekend I did not capture in pics. I was too busy taking it all in. We ventured into town for some great meals, walking around the downtown areas and shops and just enjoying each other. We even got some time to share lunch with Mr. C’s parents who met up with us for the afternoon on Saturday. The best part of that was indulging in some amazing cupcakes at Sift in Napa. MMMMMmmmmm!!!!

Of course, I was a little more excited about indulging myself in a treat at the Coach outlet! 🙂

It was a fantastic weekend, which made the weekend so much harder to leave behind us and head back to work. But it was so worth the escape and we can’t wait to do it again soon.


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