My Thanksgiving treat… flowers (that I bought for myself).
I may make it an annual tradition!

We can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is upon us, let alone the holiday season! There is so much to be thankful for this year… the list abounds. With family dynamics changing every day we found ourselves seemingly alone for the holiday again, but we were okay with the thought, knowing most likely that this will be the last “quiet” Thanksgiving, with a baby on the way.

We were all set to plan on a quiet day and a dinner out when we got the last-minute news that my parents were not travelling and would be in town. Though always thankful for time alone, we were so excited to get to spend the holiday with family. And, instead of stressing out over preparing a last minute feast, we opted to all go out to dinner together. What a great decision that was! No planning, no prepping, no all-day-in-a-hot-kitchen, and best of all, no clean up!

It was a beautiful day, despite the forecast of rain, so we had a ton of fun taking our annual photo in the fall leaves. This year we didn’t have to travel far to find gorgeous leaves… they are all around Visalia this year and even better, they were just steps from our house in the neighboring walnut orchard. For your enjoyment, here are our favorites.

We capped off the evening by heading to the movies together. What fun it was to go out on a whim and enjoy a movie for the holidays. It’s just the kind of laid back celebration that we love. The movie was fun and it was great to get out and about with family.

I’ll say it again… we have SO MUCH to be thankful for.


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