As we get settled into our daily and weekly routines, I forget what tricks my hubbs has up his sleeves. When I least expect it, he surprises me. This past weekend, he did it again, with a little road trip to a destination I mentioned wanting to visit months, maybe even years ago. Though that was not our original plan for the weekend… after all, with Christmas a month away, we need to get a tree, decorate around the house, hang the Christmas lights and get our Christmas cards out. But, Mr. C often knows best and said that all of that stuff could wait. He got a rare Saturday off from work and it was time for fun and quality time. Was he ever right!

After a confusing journey up into the mountain, I began to wonder where we were headed. Told to wear a jacket, but no other tips, I knew we couldn’t be headed too far. Then we arrived, at the Cat Haven in Dunlap. A place I’ve been driving by for years and have so badly wanted to see!

The Cat Haven is a very cool place! I’m so glad we had the time to make the trip out together. We got a great tour from one of the caretakers and I suspect it was more thorough than their general tours because it’s sort of “off season” and because there were only four of us in the tour group. They have so many amazing and beautiful cats. It was exciting to come up to each new exhibit not knowing what to expect. Though I’m not much of a fan of domestic cats, there is just something majestic and amazing about wild cats.

This handsome cheetah is semi-famous and has been on lots of television appearances and commercials. In fact, keep your eyes open during the Superbowl because this kitty is going to be in a new commercial. It was super top secret but we can’t wait to see it! 


This cute Lynx was Mr. C’s favorite cat of the day.

This cat had the most piercing yellow-green eyes!

This breathtaking giant was my favorite of the day. It’s a Barbary Lion and they are now considered EXTINCT in the wild. It was incredible, huge and so intimidating looking.  


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