It’s that time again, when the ladies of Grace (our church) dress in cheery Christmas sweaters, escape from family, work and piles of laundry and indulge in the food, fun and friends at our annual Christmas dinner. It’s always a good time with great food, this year catered by a family in the church and an endless buffet of desserts. You’ve never seen so many cakes! And unfortunately, you don’t get to because I couldn’t even snap a photo before the women were devouring the dessert table. We sure like our sugar, don’t we?! 🙂 The speaker was also great – sharing a great story about all the special “gifts” of Christmas and what she has learned with each and every one. I was laughing and crying at the same time.

This year the switch was made from games into doing a craft. We all got to make this cool magnetic bracelets. Much better than silly games, we thought. 

This year was even more special than the past few because we gathered our family together – my mom, my self and my sis in law. It was a treat to get to share this sweet Christmas memory with my family and my dear friend Dana (who didn’t make it into any photos – sorry Dana!). It was just what I needed to start to get into the Christmas spirit. With so much on my mind and a little one growing in my belly, it’s been hard for me to slow down and take in the joy of Christmas. Here’s to hoping the next few weeks ignite my usual excitement and love of the holiday season.


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