Last night the hubs and I got the very fun privilege of attending a special Christmas concert at Northpointe Community Church in Fresno. The Christmas Together 2011 tour is almost wrapping up, but if I could highly recommend penciling in something for next year, it would be this. This dose of Christmas cheer is just what I needed as I, quite frankly, have had a very hard time getting in the Christmas spirit this year. In fact, it pains me to share that I’ve been changing the radio station every time a Christmas song comes on. I know, it’s terrible. I wasn’t sure how a show composed of almost entirely Christmas music would bode with me.

I’m happy to report that I loved every minute. In fact, I have a suspicion that baby loved it too because I was getting A LOT of kicking and thumps during the show. Mr. C and I are crossing our fingers that this means our little one will be a lover of music or perhaps a musician someday. 🙂

Of course, our love of the event had to do with the fact that we personally knew half of the musicians performing. We had so many dear and talented friends. It was SO fun to get to see them and catch up in person. Unfortunately a year or more can pass before we get to see each other. There was a lot to catch up on this time and it kept us out late. But it was worth it. Too bad we only got a chance to snap a few pics with our friends. Until next time, we highly recommend picking up their special Christmas album.


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