It’s so hard to believe that Christmas is not only upon us but quickly coming to an end. We feel like it never really felt like Christmas. Maybe it’s the busyness of life, or the strangely mild winter weather, or the fact that Christmas was on a weekend this year. In either way, we did have a wonderful time hosting family this year in our home, for Christmas. There is something really special, and really comfortable about being “home for Christmas”.

We welcomed Ryan’s parents on Christmas evening and after sharing the joyous news of the announcement of the gender of Baby C (to come, in a future post), we sat down for really wonderful dinner together. What a feast! It was fun to break away from our own family traditions and try and start some new ones… hence our meal of slow roasted and grilled beef ribs instead of the traditional ham, turkey or tri tip. It was delicious. With our bellies sufficiently full, we decided to sit down for the marathon of opening gifts. What good times and laughs we shared!!! It seems like every year something happens that has us laughing until our sides hurt. This year definitely didn’t disappoint.

The rest of our times together were spent indulging in wonderful food and conversation, resting and relaxing and watching movies together. I love the level of comfort and fun that we have together. It was truly a pretty relaxing Christmas and what more can you ask for? As always, it was hard to say goodbye but we will treasure this sweet first Christmas in our home.


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