I suppose it’s about time for an update on this sweet little melon growing inside my belly. Over the holiday season we got the great joy of not only finding out whether we are blessed with a son or daughter, we got the joy of sharing that news with family during the Christmas season. Talk about a double blessing!

It was a super special moment for Mr. C and I to see our little one on an ultrasound again, looking so much more human-like instead of blob like :), moving like a little wiggler, and to get a very definitive answer as to what we’d be welcoming this May.

The news was revealed to both families with a picture frame, painted accordingly (pink or blue) and containing the latest sonogram photo of our little one. Unfortunately, do to the excitement to share, I didn’t get photos of the reveal to Mr. C’s parents, but did get some pics of the reveal to my mom. It’s pretty fun to see it all unfold!

And, if you’re a really good lip reader… you might be able to see the “B” forming on her lips in photo 3. Yes, that’s right friends, come May we will be welcoming a sweet little BOY!!! We could not be happier and more excited!

I had heard of mother’s intuition and wondered how truly strong it was, because all along, I’ve felt like it was a boy. Two or three friends and family agreed with me, BUT shockingly, most people around us were pretty determined that it was a little girl. I couldn’t figure out why and couldn’t wait to find out for sure. I still in my heart (and belly) felt – BOY BOY BOY! And, when the ultrasound technician said, “Well, it looks like you’re having a little boy”, I shouted “I knew it!”.

Mr. C and I are completed thrilled to welcome and raise a son. We hope he will be a young man and eventually a grown man, with integrity, courage, generosity, compassion, strength and so much more. And you have our promise, we are going to do our best to raise him so. A son! Gosh, there are just no sweeter words to us right now.


One thought on “Baby Update!

  1. YAY! A son is so exciting! I think they are the best thing ever, so I went and had another 😉 Seriously so excited for you! I am looking forward to the name reveal ;)Oh and I think your intuition being spot on just proves you are going to be a fantastic mommy 🙂

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