Anyone out there feeling way over-exposed on the internet?  *sheepishly raising hand * Well, despite myself and a few privacy-seeking celebs out there, there have got to be at least a handful of you that feel like the Internet is not only the information superhighway, but rather an information superhoarder. These days, it seems like just about EVERYTHING is connected to Facebook accounts and all of your information has become interrelated and interconnected.
Trust me, your info is being shared all over the place, especially when you grant access to certain programs or lazily use your Facebook login to establish an account with a new site. Don’t believe me? Do a quick Google search on your name. Unless you have a common name like Joe Smith, you may be shocked to find, in a simple quick search, how much of your information is out on the web. And, that’s the stuff that’s easy to find. You don’t think someone will search long and hard to get more info if they wanted to, or worse, engage in identity theft?
Though it’s really hard to know what’s truly out there and even harder to know how to clean it up, so to speak, there are subtle ways. Just a few weeks ago I discoveredMyPermissions and got a real eye-opener on just how many apps on my phone or connected to Facebook there were sharing my info. Some necessary, some not. And I AM THE ONE who granted the permissions.
MyPermissions is a free website and one-stop shop that allows you to see all of the places that might be monitoring your web activity and allows you to revoke or disconnect those that are invasive, inactive or unnecessary. The portal takes you to the exact spot on each site, which can be hard to find on your own, that lists your apps with granted permissions. A quick look will usually reveal several services with access to your activity or info that are completely unnecessary. Review and delete as needed, and set a reminder to check again in the future… and breathe a much needed sigh of relief that your info is just a little bit more secure.
That’s some easy cleaning!

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