Baby C is officially 75% baked… or 30 weeks complete out of 40. You didn’t know I was so good at math, did you? All is well in pregnancy land, though we’re feeling the effects of the third trimester too. I tire easily once again and though Mr. C begs me to slow down and take it easy, I just can’t keep from cleaning, cooking, and all sorts of other domestic duties. Some say it’s the “nesting” instinct kicking up to high gear, but I think that’s just the person that I am. I’m not good at the resting part. I’m very good at the staying busy part. Though, I can feel the baby telling me that this won’t fly much longer. I feel this the most on days when I wake up feeling as though my body has been through a war. On those days where I’m up before 6 to get ready for work… I just want to cry. But again… that’s probably hormones. 😉

The bump is growing slowly but surely and making it apparent that I’m pregnant and not just getting fatter. It’s been fun to run into people we don’t see very often and have them exclaim, “Oh my gosh, you’re pregnant?!” There’s no mistaking it now, though I’m happy that most of my weight appears to be centering around my bump and not all over my body. I joked with Mr. C and friends that I was going to be the Michelin Man of pregnant ladies, but happily, that does not yet seem to be the case. I’m praying that swelling will continue to allude me and that I’ll continue to be somewhat comfortable in this home stretch. Some days I feel and look great, other days I feel like I’m going to explode and hopefully, don’t look that way. I have a pretty great support system with friends (you know who you are) who have helped me feel calm, helped me feel that I will be a good mom and who have helped me feel good about myself during this time. Though that sounds like the least of concerns of a new mom – you have to feel good to look good and when you’ve got both, it seems like you can conquer anything. Praise God, I’ve been almost anxiety-free when thinking of motherhood. Just excited and filled with love for a son I haven’t met yet.

Next weekend starts up “baby shower season” and I’m pretty excited. It will be so nice to see our friends up north and our loving in laws, and to get more prepared for Baby C’s arrival. He’s going to be such a spoiled grandchild. Grammy C is making sure of this, I know. 🙂

We’ve been working a bit on the nursery and it’s really coming together. Most of the furniture is in, though we’re waiting on our glider chair to be made. The rest is just the decorator stuff that I’m taking care of one item at a time, as I find just the right thing. I really wanted to create a fun space for a baby that didn’t look too baby-ish in our home (I’m not much of a theme-y person!). I’m hoping that’s what I’ll achieve. Either way, home will always be where our hearts are, and we can’t wait to bring this new little guy into it. 10 more weeks…


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