Whoa baby… just hit the 8 month mark with Baby C this week and let me tell you, I’m feeling it. In a matter of a week I feel like I went from pretty bright and energized to sore, worn out, exhausted, hormonal and uncomfortable all at once. I now realize why people have referred to the 2nd trimester as the “golden trimester”, because the stuff sandwiched on the outside in the 1st and 3rd are less than glamorous. I have a feeling that the “you’re glowing” comments are going to start tapering off really quickly. 😉

Still, Mr. C and I are excited for what is coming in a few short weeks. It’s hard to believe I’ll be holding our son in my arms in less than two months. Childbirth classes has been going great and getting us informed for the journey ahead. Call us crazy, but we’re not very scared or worried. We know it’s going to be rough (and painful), but the reward… it’s just indescribable. I want that moment where they lay my newborn son on my chest to come SO quickly! I cry at the very thought of when I first get to see him. It’s going to be incredible.

This past weekend we (and by we, I mean Baby C) got spoiled beyond belief at our first baby shower. We spent a long weekend up in Willows with family – eating way too much, relaxing just enough and getting treated beyond words.

Road trip cupcakes – our new tradition

Green biscuits and gravy, in honor of St. Patty’s. 🙂

Less than appetizing looking, but tasted GREAT!

We had a wonderful shower at the hometown church on Sunday and let me tell you… it was SO incredibly beautiful and fun. Baby’s Auntie C and Grandma went out of their way to make it an event to remember and filled it with such special touches. We felt so very loved and so much more prepared for this little guy coming into our lives. I am again blown away with the blessing of my husband’s family and how much they love and care for us. I know this son of ours is in very good hands with us, but man, he’s going to be a prince in the arms of his Grammy, Gramps and Auntie C. We all already love him so much.

We let Gramps and Daddy crash the shower for just a little bit…

Scrappin’ baby’s first album… one of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever received.

Of course there were some special presents just for Daddy

The next shower is in just a week or so and I’m really excited. It’s been both fun and calming for me to see the baby’s room getting filled up with the things we need to take care of him. The nursery décor part is coming along slowly but surely too. One of these days I’ll get around to posting photos but I’m still waiting for several items to arrive and have a few projects to do to get it perfected. It’s become one of my favorite rooms to be in when I’m by myself. Even with it un-done, I know what it’s going to be like in just a few months and it just makes me smile. It’s the one place where I feel special, where I feel confident as a mom-to-be, where I feel like so much more than just another pregnant woman and I where I eventually get to watch my son grow into a young man. Life is just so sweet now.


2 thoughts on “8 months and counting

  1. Amy says:

    What a beautiful shower!! I had so much fun!!! Jenee and Judy and the ladies did such a great job! It was so good to see you and Ryan and I can't wait to see Baby C! Hang in there, my beautiful friend! You look great and you two are going to be amazing parents! I'm so excited for you both and I can't wait to see Baby C at the next Lamb Derby! Hee hee! Love ya!

  2. Anonymous says:

    P.S. I love the picture of the five of you with the clothes-line! LOL!

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