This weekend marked another special milestone for me and Baby C. We were showered with love, presents and sweets once again with a sweet baby shower thrown by my dearest friends Leah and Michelle. It was a BEAUTIFUL and sweet shower – exactly what I had dreamed of. A local restaurant and personal fave of mine, The Lunch Box, hosted us and made everything so lovely, easy and tasty! In fact, we barely needed all the additional decorations that we had planned for (and yes, sweet Leah was open to my creative input in what I wanted the shower to look like). The place itself is just my style. I’m so grateful to them and to my sweet friends for making it such a special event for me. 

There is something about celebrating the arrival of a new little one with friends and family that is so heartwarming. It’s not often I even get to gather up my friends and family to even catch up. Sadly, the afternoon went by so quickly! But I felt so treated and so much more prepared to welcome our son into the world. His nursery is just overflowing with stuff right now. What a lucky little boy… and what a lucky mommy I am.
Daddy stopped by to wish us well. 🙂


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