I can hardly believe it… Baby C and I have officially hit the 9 month mark! Just 1 month to go… 4 weeks… less than 30 days. Mr. C and I are getting really excited but also a little bit nervous. This is really happening and it’s happening so quickly. Part of us feels SO READY to be parents, and the other part is just a little bit fearful that we’ll know what to do, do it right and raise our son the best way possible. We know that God is in control and will guide us through this, and we’ve got the support of dear friends and family. It’s just a little bit mind-blowing to know that everything is going to change in just one short month.

Baby C and I are doing great. Both growing and healthy. The last week has been one of the hardest of pregnancy though. Exhaustion has really set in. Soreness and aches and pains are rampant. Searing heartburn is pretty much constant. Some swelling has started to show up. BUT… as I’ve said all along, these all show me that Baby C is doing what he should be doing and that we’re super close to his arrival. I’m trying to be grateful for this time and for our last week weeks of “just the two of us.”

This week also marked the start of my maternity leave. I can’t describe how wonderful it is to get to sleep past my normal 6 am waking time. I’m taking things slowly, resisting lots of urges to nest too much (cleaning, moving things around, organizing) and taking it bit by bit. Mr. C. has been good at holding me accountable to resting and relaxing and not extending my body farther than it can go right now.

I’ve still got a list of things to do that’s about a mile long. Some last minute shopping for baby necessities is highest on the list. Finishing up the nursery is next. Then… getting to those baby shower thank you cards, packing a hospital bag, installing the car seat and getting it inspected, and on and on. This mommy stuff if a lot of work and it’s not even happening yet. 😉 But, overall, it’s still exciting. We just can’t wait to meet him, share the special name we’ve picked out and start raising this boy.

Sorry, no pics for now. I’ve been to busy to take pics of most everything. That is, unless you want a photo of me napping? 🙂


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