Here we are… 40 weeks of pregnancy come and (nearly) gone. This also means that it is Baby C’s due date, but he doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. Yes, he is safe and secure in the comfort of my belly and in seemingly no hurry to join the world. The motherly part of me is doing just fine, knowing that I’ve carried this precious gift to a full and completely healthy term and that he’s sure to be absolutely perfect (and rather large) when he does come. And him being in there means he is totally safe and accounted for at all times since he’s still with me. These are all good things and I’m trying to focus on them but…

The hormonal, exhausted, sore, achy and uncomfortable pregnant woman part of me is SCREAMING for him to come out. I’ve put in my time! 40 weeks. Now is time for the loving eviction into the real world, but more, into the arms of his eager parents, grandparents and friends. It feels like everyone is on pins and needles waiting. I pray for every sudden pain to be a contraction and every uncomfortable sensation to be my water breaking… but no. So far all is still calm and Baby C doesn’t seem to eager to make his debut. I know that this won’t last much longer and that I should cherish these “easy” (yeah right) times but it’s extremely difficult with surging hormones and emotions, fears, anxieties and lack of sleep (whoever said to “catch up” on sleep before the baby comes is an idiot – just try sleeping with an 8 pound thing moving inside of you and making comfort at night impossible).

Needless to say, I have not been above Googling “natural ways to induce labor” knowing that at 40 weeks, I’m in a safe zone to do such things. We’ve walked and walked and walked. I’ve bounced and rolled and contorted on a yoga ball. I’ve attempted some silly yoga poses. We’ve danced and laughed. Mr. C has massaged and pressure pointed my aching neck, back, shoulders and feet. Tonight I even resorted to a huge heap of chopped basil on my pasta (apparently, basil can help trigger labor according to one crazy website I visited today). So far… nothing.

I know some would shame me for being so eager to evict the baby out of my womb, especially since my due date is TODAY, but I don’t think you can truly understand until you’ve gone through this journey yourself. And, being a first time parent seems to elevate everything degrees higher than the norm. 10 months of preparing for this and I feel like I can’t take any more waiting.

It’s as if God has a funny sense of humor because it seems like everything I watch on TV, commercials and movies are alluding to pregnancy and childbirth right now. It’s following me everywhere!

Until he does come, all I can do is try and rest in between my thoughts and preparations. I stare at my packed bag and can’t help but think, ” Today is the day”… every day.


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