Hello out there crazy blog world! Long time, no type. You see, we have this thing called a NEWBORN now. I know! Can you believe it? We can’t. Honestly, sometimes I wake up in the morning, open my very weary eyes (usually to the tune of my little man grunting, flailing, ahh-ing and starting to cry) and I see that bassinet and think, “Whoa! We have a baby!” Of course, when we’re up at 2 am or 4 am or really any “am” or “pm” it’s not so hard to realize that yes, in fact, we are parents. But then we look at his crazy beautiful face and think, “WE made THIS?!” because, friends and family, he is about the cutest child on the planet and yes, I have become THAT mom and we are THAT couple that believe our child is unbelievably handsome, but… can you blame us?

Sweet Baby C arrived back on May 21st at 6:10 in the morning, after 21 very long hours of labor and over 2 hours of pushing. I was completely and utterly exhausted and completely and utterly in love when I finally saw his face. I won’t bore anyone with the details of our birth story, but it’s a doozey and I’ve written it down so that I won’t forget anything when I regale our son with the details as soon as he’s old enough to understand what he put me through! Kidding. Though, I think most women are wrong – I will NEVER forget that pain and the horrors of labor BUT… it was completely worth it when I look at and spend time with our son.

I mean LOOK at him?! Gosh, we are just completely in LOVE with this little guy and that love grows every single day. We are learning SO MUCH in such a short time and are truly loving every minute. Even the tough ones. Micah is already over 5 weeks old. He’s growing like a weed. Like a deranged weed that’s been exposed to some hyper-active fertilizer that’s out of control! He’s going to be a BIG boy. Big meaning TALL. So far the consensus is that he looks a lot like mommy, but daddy and his family are holding out and waiting to see him turn into a little mini Mr. C. We’ll see what happens in time.

We hope to keep the blog more updated as this little guy grows up, but no promises. It’s busy! But I am taking as many photos as I can, writing down everything I want to remember, working on his baby book, scrap book, memory box and a book about his first year! Phew! Hard to keep up, for sure.

Maternity and paternity leave have been a true blessing to us. Spending time together as our little family of 3 (4 if you count Jackson) has been indescribably wonderful. I couldn’t imagine us not having this bonding time. Of course, it adds to the dread of both of us heading back to work. But for now, parenthood… is bliss.


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