Well, my dear friends and readers, I’ve decided to officially end the blog. It’s been a wonderful journey and fun outlet to share with friends and family the happenings in our humble lives from the moment we joined in marriage. I’ve loved the few comments you’ve posted and the messages you’ve shared, particularly when I’ve bared my heart on a few posts. For those that read, I’m grateful.

But life has taken many turns and with the birth of our dear son, everything changed overnight… for the BETTER, I assure you! My favorite moments are new spent kissing the fat cheekies of that little boy, gnawing on his precious toes and savoring the beauty of the times he falls asleep on my chest. They are, in a single word, priceless. I want to be a great mom. I want to be a loving and devoted wife. I want to be a better person than I am. My capacity to love has grown greater than I ever imagined in just a few short weeks.

With that, I find the internet, at times, to be quite poisonous. I’ve mentioned this before, but, the information superhighway can be a source of great inspiration, idea-sharing, culture, and knowledge, and it can be the complete opposite… narcissistic, negative, political, cruel and a platform for false bravery (i.e. saying things online that you wouldn’t dare say to someone’s face). It all depends where you spend your time and how you invest yourself emotionally. I’m trying to shoulder the blame on myself here, but I’ve been feeling the poison much more than the inspiration lately. Call it a sign of the times but people don’t have very many nice things to say anymore, and I don’t like that. Maybe if I was a stronger person it wouldn’t affect me so much? I don’t know. But, as a result of all these feelings, I’ll be making great efforts to reduce my “digital footprint” as it were in the coming days. Not only will I close up this blog with a virtual bow and stow it away. I will also be deleting my Facebook account for a period to be determined. How far I’m taking this digital reduction is yet to be decided as well. I’d rather thrive offline than rely on relationships online.

I have to remember, there was a time before cell phones and email, social networks and Twitter feeds, blogs and web pages. I don’t need to know what every friend, family member, acquaintance, co-worker and even stranger is up to at every moment. I don’t need to know what they feel about themselves and others or even their political convictions. And if I do, I would much rather hear them face-to-face than read a virtual bulletin board of etcetera (oh, and those darned advertisements!!). And I certainly don’t need to use those posts as a barometer or comparison of my successes and failures. I want God to measure my worth and I want to see the world through the eyes of my little boy. I was quite happy before all of this digital stuff and I want to be again. I guess it’s a case of, the less you know the better. Ignorance is bliss? Either way, I’m still here and if you truly want to get a hold of me or get an update on our family, you’ll find a way. As far as I know, the US postal service is still in business. 🙂

But seriously, thanks again to all and I wish you pleasant days. I know we’ve got some amazing ones ahead of us!


2 thoughts on “Virtual Farewell

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bye Jennifer! See you in real life!!

  2. Lorinda says:

    Well said and you so have much more important priorities to focus the time and energy towards.. thanks for sharing the recipes in your blog along the way. Continued love and peace in raising your family forever.Love Lorinda Symens (Helens friend)

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