Well, I’m back. I can’t believe how many posts I’ve started over the years that begin with “well,” but there is just something so “me” about that word. I’ve attempted [and failed] to resort to another phrase over years of blogging, but there is just something so comforting about starting news with the word “well”. It’s a very non-committal and non-emotional opener. “Well,” can be followed with so many different things.

“Well, we’ve decided to pack up everything we own and move to Hawaii.” [This is my vicarious dream]

“Well, I have bad news…” [I hate this one]

“Well, I’m not sure what you’re doing this evening, but…” [The possibilities of this one are endless!]

“Well, I just won the lottery and I’m calling to share a piece of the pie.” [Another irrational dream]

In this case, well, it’s just the easiest way for me to share that I’m back in the blogosphere and excited to share the happenings of our little family and the things I’ve been up to as a wife-mom-employee-creative-freelancer-sister-friend-etc. I realize that we are “Just Another Family” (hence, our new blog title, creative right?!) but we do have lots to share and I have so missed having this creative outlet to share, to write, to dream, to vent and to experiment. I definitely needed and wholly appreciated my internet break from all things social networking, but I just have too much creativity bottled up to keep it stifled for too long.

The last few months have been so exciting as we have started our little family and welcomed our little bear. He is… a complete and utter joy. It’s been crazy challenging and I’ve been stretched further than I ever thought possible as a new mom, and as a working mom, but I love that little boy and his daddy more than I can express. It makes the sleepless nights, dirty hair, messy house and high stress moments worth it. Sometimes. Wait, ask me that on another day. 😉

That’s all I have to say for now, but am looking forward to sharing more. Cross your fingers for me, as I’m trying to teach myself WordPress (which is a completely new blogging platform for me) along with getting back into blogging itself. As if I need more challenges? Again, that is so “me”.


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