Monaco Blue Swatch

I’m going to nerd-out a little bit on color and design in this post because one of the most exciting times of the year for me is when Pantone announces their spring fashion color palette and specifically the color of the year. Last year I wrote a very excited post about 2012’s Tangerine Tango . A color that I really had a love-hate relationship with as any shade of orange is a bit of a challenge for me. I learned to embrace all things orange tangerine and even integrated the shade into my little one’s nursery design. Note to self: I still haven’t posted pictures of that I know thatI need to!

But this year! Oh, this year! Pantone’s top color for spring is the blissfully beautiful Monaco Blue. BLUE!!! My most favorite color in the entire world. The color that speaks to my soul. Er, I guess that might be a bad thing as blue is usually associated with “the blues”, ie Picasso’s Blue Period and troubled Van Gogh’s  liberal use of the color. Consequently, his The Starry Night painting is my favorite piece of art in the world and it’s almost all blues. “The blues” are not the case with my blues. Blue brings me peace. It reminds me of the ocean, of piercing clear skies and of exotic locales. In short, I am THRILLED with this color choice. Some have suggested the color is a bit of a bore and I guess I could see that in light of the vibrant 2012 color but, I just couldn’t be happier with the choice.

Here are some of my picks on how to CELEBRATE this beautiful hue this year…

Good lord, look at this beautiful coral and blue wedding!

I’m loving Ikat right now and these blue pillows are so chic. I’m thinking of re-designing our living room and incorporating this blue instead of the teal blue and brown we currently have. My husband will cringe as he reads this. We’ve already repainted that room twice.


How sweet is this little high-low dress? I could see myself in this for our 2013 Hawaiian vacation. Only 12 months to go! 😉


How about a little kiss of blue eyeliner? I’m not sure I could pull this off but it is beautiful. Of course, this might have to do with the gorgeousness that are Rhianna’s eyes.

Okay, so maybe nails would be more do-able for me. Specifically, toe nails. My mom always says that blue nail polish and dark nails in general remind her of dead people and that has always stuck with me. My mom is a special lady. 😉

My favorite blue dress of all time. Oh, and also, my favorite engagement ring  of all time. That sapphire and diamond baubble! * DROOOOL * She is one classy gal.

My mother in law bought me the most beautiful plates and dishes on a recent trip to Cabo. They have such a gorgeous range of blues and bright colors. I can’t wait to have a fiesta at home. Talavera plates are so festive.

I’m in love with these fun crocheted earrings. So bold but whimsical too. I wish I could crochet. Or knit. Or embroider. My patience never outlasts the lessons. I guess that’s what moms are for.

I absolutely must have a new bath robe that is light and airy and comfy. This one made of a Turkish towel with blue accents speaks to me.

Real life blues are the best kind of blues. This door makes me smile. I want to go to Greece. To breathe that ocean air. To soak in the culture. And to see beautiful doorways like this.

I’ve never been so happy with the blues! 😉


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