Long time, no blog, and for that I am sorry. I had such grand intentions for this new blog and such awesome and inspiring (in my mind) things to share. Alas, I have no time. No time! No time! There is never any time! I feel a bit like Jessie Spano when she was hooked on “drugs” (seriously, they were caffeine pills) in order to balance her crazy schedule of studying for tests and singing/dancing/being awesome so she could get into Stanford. Saved By The Bell… am I the only one who was super obsessed? Anyone?

Anyway, sometimes I laugh at that clip and sometimes I cry. Okay, I was 8 months pregnant when I saw it last and I was like, “how sad! [tears streaming down cheeks], she’s so overwhelmed.” Hormones, right? To get serious, sometimes most of the time being a working mom SUCKS. Like hard core sucks. There’s a whole other blog post buried in that statement and when I don’t feel like I’m drowning, I’ll get it all out of my system and on a post, but time has become so very precious and minutes of free time have become so very few. Blogging, though an amazingly fun and creative outlet for me, often has to take a back seat to a cranky 6-7-8 month old, 12 loads of laundry, 10 loads of dishes, a barfing dog, and getting meals on the table. Sometimes I even get to wash my hair!

Jokes aside, we are doing well. Little C is growing like crazy and becoming a little boy instead of a little baby and part of that excites me and part of that KILLS me because it’s going by too fast and I want to freeze time and make him a little pink cuddly newborn again. I love to look through photos, even from the last few months and see how our lives have changed and how much Little C has grown.

One of the biggest treats of 2012 (yes, these were taken like 2 months ago) was the opportunity to take our very first family photos. And for once, we hired a photographer, so I got to be in the pictures! This is a rare occurrence as I’m most often the one behind the camera because of both my love of photography and my distaste for being photographed. After scouring the internet and my knowledge/experiences with local photographers, I picked Christina of CJ Hopper Photography. We had a wonderful experience and were very pleased with the results of our shoot at Kaweah Oaks Preserve. This was impressive because taking photos with a 6 month old (at the time) was a bit of a challenge! Christina is very gracious and has allowed me to share the photos with my dear friends, family and blog readers. Here are some of our favorites…

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