This weekend, my husband gifted me with the best present a girl could ask for and it didn’t cost a thing*… a night out… by myself. Alone. To do whatever I wanted. This = Bliss. I vastly underestimated the life of a new mom. I had heard some new moms complain that they hadn’t taken a shower in 5+ days or that they barely had time to go to the bathroom and thought, “Seriously, just put the baby down and take a dang shower.” And then Little C came into my life and well, reality set in. These things are easier said than done sometimes. Maybe some moms can place a baby in a bouncer or seat and let them scream and cry while they put themselves first. I cannot (yet) do that. So yes, there have been stretches of days and days without a shower or washed hair. I have nearly burst my bladder from holding it. My house is full of not-so-cute little dust bunnies, and there aren’t as many hot nutritious meals on the table. For the girls I’ve judged, I’m sorry. For the ones judging me, shut the… just kidding! But really, just you wait.

Needless to say, this Friday night out was just what I needed to restore some sanity. What did I do? Nothing special…

I ate a greasy barbecue bacon cheeseburger in my car, spilling bits of lettuce, barbecue sauce and juicy burger-ness all over myself.

I ate French fries while I drove.

I wiped my salty, greasy fingers on my jeans.

I went to one of my “motherships” Sephora and bought myself a sassy new lipstick and some perfume.

I walked through a new store in town that I’ve wanted to check out since it opened months ago.

I walked through my other “mothership” Target and gave into a few impulse buys.

I sang loudly and unashamedly in my car.

I drove fast and verbally accosted bad drivers.

I treated myself to cake batter frozen yogurt with a smattering of cookie dough pieces. I let its melty goodness drip down my chin.

When I came home, I found my husband cleaning our filthy house and our sweet baby fast asleep in his crib. I finished the night with a hot bath chock full of salt and bubbles and sipped a glass of wine.

Of course, the next day I woke up with a hacking cough and miserable cold, but that night… that night was good for the soul and it was exactly what I needed. Thank God for my husband!

*Disclaimer – technically the night cost him $10 as that was the cost of my greasy cheeseburger, fries and yogurt. 🙂



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