March Favorites

1. One of my goals for 2013 was to wear lipstick more often and be more bold with my color choices. I’m failing miserably. But I do make sure that my lips are fairly constantly slathered with Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I LOVE this line and have most of the shades. The colors are sweet and natural. The formula is rich and effective. The smell is subtle and lemony clean. The case is so smartly design (it screws on so you don’t continue to lose the stupid cap). In fact, this beauty product pulls on my heart strings a bit because it was the only thing I requested when I was in full labor with my son. My lips (and face, and throat and everything) were parched and I felt like I was dying and asked my husband to dig it out of my bag. It brought me instant relief and a kiss of color that made me feel like a lady amidst a marathon delivery.

2. I promised myself I wasn’t going to watch American Idol this season. I also promised myself that I wouldn’t crumble under Mr. C’s suggestion to “just watch the auditions” as I know what happens every year. It happened this year… I got hooked. I found a contestant and quickly became obsessed. This year I am not-so-mildly obsessed with two contestants. And though Ms. Minaj (one of the many new judges this year) is a bit of a circus clown and borders on annoying most of the time, I’m finding her to be a pretty effective and honest judge. I’m crossing my fingers for my picks – the incredibly talented Kree Harrison and Angela Miller. Go girls!!!

3. I have a love/hate relationship with modern photography and the fact that everyone who owns a camera now calls themselves a photographer… I don’t want to get in to that. But because of that, it can be really hard for me to feel inspired and even want to work on my craft/art. I’ve been taking pictures and have loved photography pretty much my entire life. Magazines, blogs, websites and tutorials abound, all with varying levels of relevance and skill. Enter in, Click Magazine. On first impression, I thought it would be everything I hate, since it’s designed for female photographers, specifically “moms with cameras” but I’ve found it to be so inspiring, so freshly designed and so diverse. I get really excited when each new issue is in my mailbox and though it’s a fairly new magazine, I really think it is perfection. It’s given me a new joy for my passion and inspired me once again to possibly take a leap of faith and open my own business. I said possibly.

4. So it’s probably no secret that Target, which I also call The Mothership, is one of my obsessions (we just dropped $100 there today), but every once in a while my obsession breeds mini-obsessions and the new Threshold collection for Target is one of them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been briskly walking through Target to grab something “quickly” and have been stopped dead in my tracks by items in this collection. The designs are contemporary, fresh and look high-end without breaking the bank. I’ve controlled myself to buying only 2 dish towels from the collection, but the minute that stuff goes “red sticker” (clearance), I’m so on it!

5. This book is a life-changer. Our church has built a series out of this book and we are a little over halfway through. It’s been challenging to keep up but the message has been a great one. We live in a world of caution, warning labels and lawsuits over senseless and stupid things. Common sense has gone out this window. This book explores the true meaning of God’s love and of faith and has challenged me to be reckless… for God. It’s super counter-cultural and very inspiring. I’ve struggled with a lot of issues that this book addresses. It’s been good and has kept me in God’s word and in prayer. Something my soul has needed a lot lately.

Happy March all! Ours is bringing showers and beautiful weather. I love spring!


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