One of the weird and funny little items on my Bucket List is to have my name in a song. I’ve always known this was a long shot because my name, Jennifer, doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue or rhyme with much AND is a pretty 1980’sish name that isn’t quite as popular as it used to be (in school, I was usually one of many Jennifer’s. I had one class where there was three of us). And don’t you dare try to sell me “867-5309” because I HATE being called Jenny. But I always get so jealous when someone gets a really cool song with their name. I am the annoying friend who sings that song to said person, because 1) I’m annoying and 2) I love music. I continuously sing my best friend’s song to her because it’s adorable and I love it. I’m not sure she does. But she loves me and that’s what matters… I digress.

Imagine the smile that spread across my face when a sweet friend from work came to drop by a package at my desk and sang, “Jennifer… Juniper… do you know that song?” And I was like, “WHHHHHHHAAATTTT?! This is a song? What is the song? My name is in a song? What song? Oh my god, my life is complete. That’s on my bucket list. What song?! Tell me the song!” She quickly came up with the singer, Donovan, and as quick as my little fingers could type I Googled it. Thank you God for YouTube and this…

I’m in love with this, the bushy haired adorable Donovan, and my life is complete.


Jennifer… Juniper


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