Mr. C and I have discovered that we are the parents of a “rooster”. At least, that’s what all the articles and sites I’ve Googled have told me is what they call a baby that rises with (or before) the sun. Cockadoodledoo! Good morning. Baby C LOVES mornings and we often cringe in bed when we hear his telltale coos, or worse, his screams, over the baby monitor when the house is still dark, particularly on weekends. We’ve experimented with ways to get him back in bed or to get him to sleep longer and they’ve all failed. Since I’m already up at about 5:45 or so on weekdays, any earlier and it’s painful. Sometimes we play in bed. Sometimes we go in the living room and play. Daddy is usually the one to get up with him and that is why I’m madly in love with him. We still secretly hope his routine will shift in our favor, but for now, we’ve kissed goodbye to sleeping in. This meme I found on Pinterest is our lives…

Because our lives are so busy as working parents, we are trying to enjoy the mornings more, since on certain days, these morning hours can make up the bulk of our time with him. As long as he is in a good mood, it can be a lot of fun. Such was the case this morning as I got to spend a little time with Baby C before I had to jet out the door for work. It allowed the hubs a precious uninterrupted shower. Another rarity in our house. I was taking photos for my cookie post and he wandered over in his walker to watch me. I laugh at how comfortable Baby C has become with the presence of a camera. Because mama is constantly taking pictures with some device or another, he’s kind of HAD TO get used to it. But now, he gets this adorable curious delight when I pull out my SLR and start taking photos. In fact… I swear… he starts to pose! Of course… a quick game of peekaboo always helps solicit a few smiles.

Baby C the Rooster


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