I have been a poor blogger lately, or as my friends from the UK would say, a “rubbish” blogger. I don’t really have friends in the UK, but I know they say that for a fact due to my somewhat unhealthy obsession with beauty vloggers on YouTube, and strangely most of them are in Britain, hence my linguistic knowledge. I digress. Life has been very busy for us. Major milestones and changes in our lives have made things WONDERFUL but we are in a big transition phase right now and it’s had me a bit out of sorts. When I’m out of sorts, I can’t think straight, so I clearly can’t write, and if I can write, I can’t blog. Run-on sentences abound!


  • Little C celebrated his 1st birthday. I know! I’m bawling. Where did that year go?
  • New job for Mrs. C, working from home. Yay!
  • Pregnancies, retirements, celebrations, parties, vacations, LIFE.

When did it get so busy? I used to be soooo good at keeping up with all of this and sending greeting cards and thank you cards in a timely manner. Again, I am now rubbish at all things. I’m a mom. And not the super mom that cooks a balanced meal every night, has a spotless house, dresses impeccably, wears a size zero and washes her hair every day. I’m the mom that now rolls in fashionably late, having eaten an alarming amount of Mac N Cheese all day, with dust bunnies scurrying all over the house, with hair that is questionably “lived in” and always a little bit fat, a la Bridget Jones Diary. Hey, I try. And now that I’m re-reading this, I have to clarify, I AM NOT PREGNANT. I feel the need to clarify this due to the massive amounts of comments about it being time for #2 as we celebrated Little C’s birthday. Yeah, no. I’m talking about friends who are pregnant.

Having said that, the only thing I can muster up to share right now is my May / June faves and that is because May is long over and we’re a quarter of the way into June and if I don’t do it now, I know I won’t. And because typing something other than proposals, product development, curriculum, support and other correspondence feels really really good right now. While writing about dirty hair isn’t exactly glamorous… it’s very real.

Before this gets out of control…

May June Faves1.  This delicate gold initial necklace from Olive Yew is my new favorite thing on the entire planet. I treated myself after seeing a great deal for it on Groopdealz and I swear I had already seen it on Etsy and Pinterest and some other fashion sites. I’m nutso for anything with initials, monograms or names and this sweet little tiny initial looks great on it’s own or layered with other long necklaces. I foresee myself wearing it all summer when heavier jewelry does not appeal. It is adorable!

2.  Excuse the profanity on this one but few things have made me laugh like this YouTube video when I first saw it. Sh*t Girls Say is ridiculously funny and after making a few videos on YouTube, these guys have gone on to create a book with some of the most popular sayings. It’s kitschy, artsy and totally hilarious. When I’m feeling a bit down or even a bit bored I thumb through it and always end up laughing out loud. 1. because it’s so funny and 2. I’m really guilty of saying (on a regular basis) a lot of these things.

3.  I used to be humungously guilty of TANNING (like in a tanning bed)… and doing it A LOT (like, daily). Especially after I had lost a bit of weight and starting dating Mr C. I was SO TAN for my wedding, which looked lovely paired with my white dress, but which I finally realized was going to cause havoc on my skin in the long run. Though tanning is terribly unhealthy, I have to say that I loved how my skin looked with a tan and I loved that warm light washing over my body, especially in the winter. I’m not advocating tanning, sorry! I’ve had a love / hate relationship with self tanners. I love the bronzey glow they can give without the damage of the sun, but I HATE the possibility of streaks and the wretched smell that most self tanners give off. I have tried my fair share of self tanners and have finally found a winner in Vita Liberata Tinted Self Tanning Lotion. It comes with a mit for application (which is a must), has a tint so you can be wary of streaks and rough spots (knees, ankles, elbows, feet) and it does NOT have the tell tale smell. It goes on and gives a really natural warm glow. It is awesome!

4.  Special thanks go out to our dear friend Trevor Davis (you may have seen him on The Voice this season!) for recommending this artist and album (self-titled) to me when we were discussing music the other night. It’s light and poppy and dreamy and is the perfect album for me to enjoy on these hot summer days where I’m already miserable and don’t want to have to think a lot. That sounds like an insult to her and it’s not. It’s vacation and road trip music that just makes you relaxed and happy. Yuna is a Malaysian singer-songwriter with a soft haunting voice and I think she’s got a really bright future in the music industry. My favorite song is the first track, Lullabies. Dreamy.

5.  Two books on the faves this month means I’ve been doing a lot more reading… though Sh*t Girls Say isn’t exactly a literary masterpiece. 😉 Sparkly Green Earrings is the memoir of blogger Melanie Shankle, or Big Mama. It details the story of her attempting to conceive, giving birth to and raising her little girl Caroline and it is INCREDIBLE. I laughed. I bawled. I RELATED on many levels. It’s a beautiful book filled with sillyness and sarcasm nestled between beautiful diamonds of truth and huge encouragement. In short, I LOVED it.


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