I’m starting to feel like the only things I blog about are faves… partially because that’s all I have been blogging about. Sorry. I will get better at this, I promise. I have great ideas, it’s just getting them down is not happening right now. Like right this moment, my dog is barking endlessly and I have to go shush him. * sigh *

Anyway, July faves. Not super interesting this month, but we’ve been uber-busy, traveling and catching up with life and being parents to a toddler. Yikes! Regardless of my excuses… enjoy!


1.  I know I’ve already declared at one point that I am an accessories fanatic, so this one shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’m also a huge fan of monthly subscription services because I never have time to shop and I love unique things. Rock Box marries both worlds and provides me new designer jewelry (3 pieces) that I get to borrow each month, or more often, if I desire. This is great for me because I get tired of things pretty quickly (and I can’t afford designer jewelry), so when that happens, I stick everything into the prepaid mailing envelope and mail it back. About a week later, I get NEW jewels to wear. The pieces are beautiful, unique and customized to fit the style profile that you set up when you join AND they provide a discounted rate to buy any of the pieces you get if you happen to fall and love and cannot part with. I’ve been dangerously close to doing just that but I’m still waiting for that perfect signature piece. If you love jewelry, love the concept of “borrowing” designer jewels and want to make style simple, give Rocks Box a try. $19 a month, regardless of how many boxes you get in that time frame… can’t beat it! Disclaimer:  This post and all fave posts are opinions of my own and my true favorite products that I have purchased myself. Having said that, if you click the Rocks Box link above, you will be routed through a link that will provide me a benefit for referring you ($25). I am not posting this for that sole reason – I really do love this service. But I felt it was the right thing to do to let you know that if you do join through my link, I will benefit from it. 

2.  This one is a bit embarrassing… as I’ve declared before, I’m not generally very excited by or interested in games, especially on my phone but… I heard the call and I answered and because horribly addicted to Candy Crush. I know. I’m hanging my head in shame. It’s ridiculous but it has become my evening wind-down ritual. Ask my husband. He will tell you. Often heard around our house of of late as I grip my iPad…

  • Mr C: “Are you playing your game?”
  • Mrs. C: “What? No. Whatever.”
  • Mr. C: “Yes, you are. You’re addicted.”
  • Mrs. C: “No I’m not. Shut up. I can’t get out of the stupid Chocolate Mountains. Ughhh!”
  • Mr. C: “Yeah, okay. Not addicted. Right.
  • Mrs. C: “I’ve been on this stupid level for like 15 lives. Come on stupid jelly, go away!… What babe?”
  • Mr C.:  *** silence and staring at me ***

3.  As I have tried to do approximately 100 million times, I am trying to sort of give up drinking soda. Maybe not GIVE IT UP completely, but taper the consumption wayyyyyy down. I will maintain, despite reports, I feel like I’m better off because I already drink Diet soda instead of regular. The jury is out on that as people scream at me how bad artificial sweeteners are but, I digress. In that effort, I’ve had to find something to replace my daily fix for caffeine and the desire to drink something other than water (which I drink copious amounts of) so I have started to embrace iced tea. I have always loved iced tea so this isn’t exactly news, but something about it has become so comforting and delicious in this retched hot summer. I ran into a sweet girl in a small town north of here who just opened a new cafe and they are offering something called iced tea coolers. Intrigued, I asked her more about them after I tried the peach tea one and fell in total love, and found out it’s basically equal parts brewed tea and peach puree over ice. Ummm…. trying that at home, immediately.

4.  In an effort to beat the heat, eat healthy and spend some time with the hubbs during the week, Mr. C and I have been trying to meet for lunch more regularly and have fallen in love with a local place called Farm Fresh Bowls. It’s basically a tiny little drive-up stand that serves insanely delicious farm-fresh local food. The bowls are to die and are really healthy, cool and fresh. Since the heat of summer has really set in, we’ve been pretty much addicted and have been going once a week. The Berry Acai bowl is our total obsession. Ugh… just typing this I want to go there now. If you’re local to Central Cal, GO THERE. If not, sorry, you’re missing out big time.

5.  As summer heat sets in I also tend to lighten up my beauty routine. It’s too hot to wear a lot of makeup and I don’t go out very much anyway. I do make an effort to put on makeup every day, because if I didn’t I’d feel depressive working from home and looking like a cavewoman all the time, but I definitely simplify when it’s triple digits outside. Origins Vitazing moisturizer has become my new best friend. I actually bought it a while back and didn’t really like it but tried it again at the start of summer and fell in love. It’s a bit of a tinted moisturizer (sort of like these new BB creams, I guess), and it applies sort of white in color, but as you blend it in, it takes on a glowy sort of skin color that makes your skin look awesome, dewy and evened out. I will say, you have to really blend it into the skin with your fingers or it will take on a sort of gray cast, but done right, it’s a beautiful light coverage moisturizer, or an awesome base for a light layer of foundation.


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