Ok, so this post is only like 2+ months overdue. Not bad, right? Hahahaahaaa! Okay, so it’s TERRIBLE, but blogging has had to take a back seat to our crazy lives and the many transitions we’ve been going through. Office environment to working from home. Breezy spring to scorching hot summer. Crawling to walking! Unfortunately, I’m not the superwoman that that Pioneer Woman gal is and I just can’t find the time for blogging.

But before we get ahead of ourselves and an entire year goes by, I wanted to share what a complete joy it was to celebrate 1 year with our Little Man. I… CANNOT… BELIEVE… that one year has gone by! One crazy, exhausting, exhilarating, joyful, challenging, funny, blessing-filled year! I will not be one of those mom’s that claims that every moment was utter and complete bliss (the same that claim pregnancy is beautiful and that they never felt better about themselves and their bodies, ummm, really?)… there were some massive challenges in there, some epic fails, some lock-yourself-in-the-closet-to-cry moments and as the pendulum often swings in the opposite direction, there were some hilarious, joy-filled, laugh out loud, heartwarming, I-can’t-believe-how-much-I-love-you tear-filled moments. Parenthood is such a great experience when you are ready for it. God is good.

I could barely sleep the night before Little C’s first birthday. I was obviously more excited than he will be for a couple of years, until he knows how awesome birthdays are and how important they are in our family. It was honestly a bit hard knowing that a 12 month old has no idea what is going on and how momentous these moments are. He won’t remember me tearing up when I first laid eyes on him in the morning. He won’t remember me softly singing “Happy Birthday” to him. He won’t remember taking birthday photos with daddy. He won’t remember going to Chuck E Cheese’s with Nanny R and “his girls”. He won’t remember having birthday pizza out with Mommy and Daddy. He won’t remember blowing out that very first candle on his very first piece of birthday cake. He won’t remember not liking it and making that funny face. But… I will never ever forget it. And the joy that being a mommy has been to me this last year.

I'm 1!

I’m 1!

1st birthday

Then came the weekend… and the epic party that mommy (and Pinterest) has been planning for months and months. I swore I would not go overboard. I swore I would not be up half the night before. I swore I would not be a control freak. Yeah, I failed. But the result was the most beautiful and fun party I think we’ve ever had. Little C was a total champ and was in a great mood. The food was delish. The company was delightful. Again, I will never forget it, even though a night of dreamy sleep is all it will take to wipe it from Little C’s mind. Thank goodness, we will always have photos.

I was going to be an awesome Pinteresty type of mom and blogger and make a beautiful collage in Photoshop of all the party pics and make it utter and complete perfection… but I am tired and busy and you get a slideshow. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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