I super stink at posting lately (or pretty much always). I know, I know. Excuses are rampant and include motherhood, work, travel, exhaustion, allergies, housecleaning and the like. Fall is coming and I am SUPER THRILLED about it. The weather this week has been so so so beautiful and has me super positive and excited for the season to come. With that, I leave you with my September faves and a celebratory “WOO HOO!” that summer is coming to a close.

September Faves

1.  I will start out by saying this stuff is stupid expensive and may not be worth it to budget-conscious beauty gals out there, but I will continue by saying that is creates a beautiful effect on the skin. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders ($45) are super finely milled soft powders with a tiny hint of radiance in them, which makes for beautiful, dewey, glowing, youthful skin. I’m not even a huge fan of face powders because of how dry my skin has become in recent years, but this stuff is magic. My tired, weary, summer-parched skin has found new life with this stuff. ALL of the shades are gorgeous, but my favorite is the super subtle Dim Light. Get one and watch your skin come back to life. I will say you have to give it a few tries before you start to really see the difference and can legitimize that price tag, but when you do, WOW.

2.  There are so many great albums coming out lately. I’m a bit of a carnivore when it comes to music – meaning, I devour it, play it obsessively and then I’m done with it. I can tell an album is truly great when I’m still playing it weeks later. Such is the case with Night Visions by Imagine Dragons. After hearing their song Radioactive I was intrigued and decided to take a shot on the album. I’m so glad I did. I’m loving it and it has become my workout mix for the last several weeks. They are a difficult band to describe (I think of OneRepublic, another fave of mine) but I love their sound and the fact that every song doesn’t sound exactly the same (hello, Coldplay? Sorry if you’re a huge fan). Good stuff. Buy it and get psyched.

3.  I think my last post alluded to my obsession with painting my nails lately and my secret weapon of choice is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I’ve tried about a million different combinations of nail products and there is NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING out there quite like this stuff. It is thick, it is glossy, it dries fast, sets to a beautiful finish and LASTS AND LASTS. It’s like clear body armor for your nails. The best part is, it’s affordable! You can now find it in a lot of drugstores for around $5. I can get almost a full week out of my manicure with this stuff and I cannot recommend anything better.

4.  I received one of these gorgeous jeweled headbands from the Deepa Gurnani line in my September Sample Society box and fell in instant love. They are super high quality and have such a delicate sparkle that adds an extra punch to any outfit and a little elegance to the messiest of hairstyles. I’m not cool enough to wear the headband like this stylish gal does, but I do love how it looks wrapped around a messy updo of my wavy hair. It instantly turns lazy hair to ethereal and angelic hair. And, it is the perfect transition accessory from summer to fall.

5.  This little item goes out to the busy mamas out there. Specifically, it goes out to mamas who treasure memories and documenting all the ups and downs of motherhood and the daily life of her kids, but in a super fast and creative way. The Mom’s Five-Second Memory Journal is a pocket sized book that has short journaling prompts designed for the quick capture of memories, milestones and everyday moments. You can toss it in your bag and jot down moments when you have a few minutes in your day. The great part is that you don’t have to go in any particular order. You can select a prompt that speaks to you, date it and fill it in at any time. This was a sweet birthday gift from my hubby and I just love it.


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