I cannot in any way fathom how it is already 2014. This past year has gone by faster than any other that I can remember. Being a grown up sure has that effect, doesn’t it? The New Year snuck up on me before I really had the time or the state of mind to reflect. This was a year of enormous changes, taking huge risks, stepping out of long-held comfort zones and tremendous emotional highs and lows. It was a tough one. It was a good one. But before I get too serious and start planning out 2014, I wanted to share a few FAVORITES from the year. I envisioned myself being really sophisticated and sharing relevant art, literature and gourmet faire, but… hey, it’s me. You’re getting fashion and beauty for the most part. 😉
2013 Faves1.  2013 was the “year of the Acai bowl” for my hubby and I. A local food stand, which I’ve talked about before, popped up and started dishing out these bowls of deliciously healthy ice cold fruity yumminess during the deadly heat of summer, and we were hooked. We have since sought them out as we’ve traveled and found a gem of a spot in Maui during our anniversary trip. And now, due to the wonders of Costco, we’ve been freezing our own Acai juice and blending our own smoothies and bowls. Antioxidant awesomeness.

2.  I am an utter fool for layering necklaces and got really into stacking up fun combinations this year. I’ve pinned too many pictures on Pinterest of combos like this and have had fun mixing dainty and chunky chains. The combo featured here is from Kei Jewelry on Etsy and it is amazeballs. I have a feeling this will extend into 2014 favorites.

3.  Oh, to describe the wonders of my love for all things Capri Blue. You may recognize these if you are an Anthropologie shopper or lover. I have since found them in many other locations, particularly in cute little boutiques as I travel. The Volcano scent has become one of my favorite scents on the entire planet. I’d like to think my little corner of heaven will smell exactly like this. I can dream, right?

4.  To quote the queen of fashionista’s, Rachel Zoe, “this bag is so maje!” And it is. It really is. I bought it from Sole Soceity just before fall thinking it would be my fall carryall, and now that fall has come and gone, I just cannot switch it up. I love the feel of it. I love the design of it. I love carrying it like a messenger bag. It’s everything.

5.  I’ve always been a bit of a scarf lover, but I feel like that “trend” (and I hate calling it a trend) has really blown up in recent years. I laugh when I see mannequins styled with scarfs layered over 2 or 3 other pieces in the spring or summer, because it’s so gosh awful hot where I live that this is not even remotely possible, BUT, I still flaunt my love for scarves in the fall and winter. This year, I had a little bit more fun with colorful variations and fell in love with those offered by Stella and Dot.

6.  This one is a bit silly as I originally saw it pinned on Pinterest with the note that Dr. Oz says this is the only moisturizer you will ever need and it’s exactly the same as super luxury priced brands and that it was basically liquid gold, blah, blah, blah. I’ve learned in lots of fun and not-so-fun ways that Pinterest doesn’t always equal facts and truth. But I made a note and found this moisturizer at my local Walgreens and it was literally like $5. I’ve used it for months now and I really have to say that it is pretty great. The 10 ounce tub is massive and lasts for ages, the formula is great for all skin types, and it’s rich but settles into the skin and moisturizes beautifully. I may have put an end to spending a fortune on skincare.

7.  I know for a fact that I’ve posted about Essie polishes before so I will not go on and on about them, but I adore them wholly and completely. I’ve tried just about everything out there at every price point and they always come out on top. They last. The colors are amazing and they are constantly adding to the collection. You can buy them at most drugstores now and they are very affordable. Magic. Love. Forever.

8.  I have always been fond of OneRepublic. I fell in love with their first album when I was falling in love with my husband. I used to listen to the album almost every day as I made the 40 minute drive out to my then-boyfriend’s house and then 40 minutes back home to get a few hours of sleep before work. I probably listened to it 1,000 times in that year. Now, over 5 years later, when I hear any song from that album, I think of my husband and our young love. Isn’t that soooooo cute? 😉 My love for them continues as they continue to put out amazing music. Their newest album Native is completely brilliant.

9.  Like every other crafty rusty-chic loving girl out there I fell in love with all things chalkboard this year. This trend was EVERYWHERE, along with chevron patterns, kraft paper, burlap and lace. And I loved it. I created a “1st Year” book of my little man with a chalkboard theme. I made chalkboard coasters. I put all my spices in tins with chalkboard labels. I contemplated painting an entire wall in my dining room in chalkboard (ultimately decided not to). Though I loved it endlessly, it’s probably time to retire it and move on to something new. I’m curious what this year will bring.

10.  Last but not least, another cheap but amazing beauty product for all you bathing beauties out there. I am HUGE about taking a long hot bath with loads of bubbles and salt. It’s is my guilty pleasure at least one night a week after the little one finally surrenders to slumber. I put a mask on my face, sip a glass of wine and soak until I nearly fall asleep. Dr. Teal’s bath salts have been my go to for soaks as they are cheap, smell great, and have amazing soothing powers on sore back, aching muscles and bodies full of stress. My faves are the Lavender and the Chamomile.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful 2013 and is looking forward to 2014 with great hope, optimism and excitement! I’m not quite there yet, but I’ll get there soon!


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