What's your guess?

What’s your guess?

It’s ridiculous that as I write this post I am over halfway through this pregnancy with baby deux (that’s two in Frenchish)! Overall, time is moving incredibly quickly with this one, though it has not been without its struggles and stress. Insurance has been a complete and total headache (one of a few things I have found to be quite terrible about being self-employed), morning sickness hung on for 15 long weeks and exhaustion has never left me, even in this “golden” second trimester, among other things that I just don’t feel right about complaining about right now. I am overjoyed though as God has fulfilled my strange little dream…


It's a ?

My dream to be a mom of BOYS! Yes, it’s ANOTHER boy for the C Family and we could not be more thrilled. Though we could see the glimmer of disappointment on both Grammys faces, who seemed to have their hearts set on a little girl, everyone is pretty excited. I’ve always felt like I would a mom to a troop of boys which is funny considering my decidedly girly side. Call me crazy, but raising a girl in this crazy world terrified me from the moment Mr. C and I started to discuss having a family. I know it’s the same world my boys will grow up in, but something about boys seems more manageable in my head. And the practicality of having 2 boys in the span of less than 3 years is such a relief to our finances as we don’t need a whole lot of new things to prepare for this little prince.

Little C seems pretty unaffected so far, but I can imagine he doesn’t understand much about what is happening as he just turned two. We try and involve him and have become delighted by his reaction when we say, “Does mommy have a baby in the belly?” and he points to his little belly and smiles. I about died the other day when I told him, “When the baby comes, we are going to rock him and hug him” and made motions with my hands and he smiled and repeated each and every little motion of rocking and hugging. He’s going to be such a good big brother. Though Little C is way off the charts in height and weight, he has this gentle little spirit, especially with other kids and most definitely with babies. My gentle giant.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been fighting what I have dubbed as “second baby syndrome” and have been trying to document this pregnancy like I did with Little C, take photos more often and just be more mindful, but it has been tough to do all that while working and caring for a two year old. A two year old who has decided to see how mind-blowingly far he can take the terrible twos! Seriously mamas – what is happening to my sweet little boy?! I feel like I need to start a bulletin board in our house “## days since a tantrum”. Of course, lately, every day would have a big fat zero. These are the only times that I wonder if we are crazy for having another baby while we have a toddler who is just barely two. I mean, too late now, but I have a feeling I will be sending up a lot of prayers for patience and help. Motherhood…. what a tremendously exhausting, whirlwind, wonderful adventure. Every single day.


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