Sometimes I just hate Pinterest. Okay, who am I kidding, I LOVE Pinterest. But sometimes, it causes me more headaches than it’s worth, particularly when I see a project, fall in love with it and make mental plans that I just have to tackle it myself.

“How hard can it be? I have ‘free time’ (ha ha). Plus it’s just sooooooo cute.”

I fail at that time to REALLY ask the questions… How HARD will it REALLY be? How much TIME will it take? How much will it COST? Just WHEN are you going to do this? Now, is it REALLY worth it?

If I really did that honest assessment, there are quite a few projects I would have tabled for a much later date or completely disregarded. But this one called to me, and it makes sense that it did because when you have a very busy toddler running around the house, you are more determined to find ways to keep them “fun busy” and not destructively busy.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the glorified DIY Toddler Busy Board?! Do yourself a favor and run away… now. This thing was a BEAR to make and extremely expensive. Between the wood, paint, varnish, and hardware, I honestly estimate this thing to have cost upwards of almost $200.

Toddler Busy Board

I had a great deal of help from my dad, who actually constructed this thing from my vision of a “two sided sandwich-board kind of thing” into this clever design. Ours even has paper dispenser on back for art projects!

Toddler Busy Board - Back

But man alive, did I underestimate how long it would take to prime, paint, varnish, let it dry, install the hardware, then deal with the safety concern of the hardware poking through the back of the board (answer: a thick piece of foam glued in place). And hardware… though just a few dollars a piece, usually, REALLY adds up after a while.

Busy Board Collage

BUT… does the boy love it??? The answer is undoubtedly, YES. And that, I guess, makes this expensive headache worth it. 😉

Little C and the board Little C and the board 2 Little C and the board 3


Darn you Pinterest… just, darn you!


3 thoughts on “The project that nearly killed me

  1. karenrgreer says:

    Haha…uh-oh! Yours is one of the articles I pinned getting ready to make one for my toddler! Should I do it or not?! (rhetorical question. :^))My husband is a real handyman so I think if I can get him on board it will turn out great. I really like the things you chose for yours. :^)

    1. jennmariec says:

      LOL! Honestly, it IS worth it because my boys love it. They play with it almost every day and they are 3 yrs old and 11 months. It’s a crowd pleaser. Good luck! I hope yours turns out great!

  2. Arlando says:

    This is my third one and after several people asking for one I think I might be on to something. For the handyman who doesn’t want to tackle this project…here goes!

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