I cannot believe I’m on the last “3rd” of pregnancy. Though this one has been tough, I still feel like time is flying by crazily and, based on the terrible two’s that Little C is testing us with right now, I feel less-than-qualified to be the parent of two children. I had a moment this weekend where I fell into complete panic about it… like hysterically crying and thinking, “HOW are we going to do this? WHAT was I thinking? I will never sleep, shower or eat a meal again?! WHY did I want another baby?! ANOTHER BOY! WHY???????” But…I threw up lots of prayers and my soul and mind are a lot more at peace. I promise.

I keep focusing on how excited I am to meet this new little one. To see if he looks more like daddy or see if he looks like me. To see if I finally get my little blue-eyed baby! To see what loving two amazing kids will feel like. To see what kind of incredible adventures these boys are going to bring into my otherwise routine life. Wow. I can’t wait.


S'More Cookies

Our 4th of July came and went without much hurrah.Marshmallow Face Being 7 months pregnant sucks the life out of a lot of things right now. And, having a toddler that is in bed by 8 pretty much eliminates any fireworks-viewing and partying the night away. We still had a wonderful holiday. I made my famous S’mookies (S’more cookies) for the neighborhood BBQ and pool party. Little C tested out the homemade marshmallow creme for me. I would post the recipe but they are ridiculously time consuming. So much, that I only make them every few YEARS. Fact. Ask my hubby. I think he’s quite bitter about that part. 🙂

And, after yet another tantrum, we were able to get Little C in the pool for pretty much the first or second time ever. Once he calmed, he and daddy had a great time splashing, bobbing up and down and playing, and I had a fun time watching them with my feet soaking in the shallow end (get into a maternity suit in front of neighbors and strangers? Yeah right).

First Swim

I’m looking forward to the day we can take the boys to a fireworks show or light some off in our driveway and have it not turn into a terrified crying fit or something else. I love the baby years and everything, but I’m more excited for the “kid years” and some more freedom and less dependence, which hopefully doesn’t make me sound like a terrible mom. If you’ve been through it, you likely feel the same. Unless you’re one of those that wants babies forever. You’re crazy… but I respect you. 🙂

That’s about it for now. I’ll be sharing my obsession for Etsy baby shops pretty soon. I CANNOT stay off that site lately and I really don’t even need a lot for this baby. Etsy is amazing. Period.

You Are my Sunshine Giveaway!Speaking of Etsy, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for an adorable sign from one of those Etsy shops I’m obsessed with. Giveaway ends at the end of the month! (Click the photo to go to the post, and leave your comment).



One thought on “You are now entering… the 3rd trimester

  1. Valerie says:

    Wow, those cookies look incredible! I have a few recipes like that (so time consuming that they rarely get made!!) so I totally get it. 😉
    I was very pregnant in July with my 3rd baby (born Sept 8th) so I hear ya on the miserable heat! {{hugs}}

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