Greetings my long lost blog world. It has been ages since I’ve put words to paper (or screen, in this case). My head has been swimming with things to share and poignant moments of motherhood, but my mind and body have been very tired and oftentimes overwhelmed as well. Being a mom to two boys under the age of 2.5 years is not easy. It is filled with endless love, mind-bendingly awesome moments, silly and sometimes gross happenings and can be summarized in a heart that is full overflowing with adoration for my family. BUT… it is exhausting. I may have forgotten the toll that sleep deprivation takes on my mind and body and my emotional stability.

Before I get too far into that, we welcomed Sweet B (which is what I will call him on the blog) on October 1st just before 6 pm. He was another LARGE baby at 9 pounds 4 ounces and over 20 inches. He was also LATE, just like his big brother. But his delivery was much easier and much smoother than the first, though not without its harrowing moments. He is so worth the yucky pregnancy, labor and rough postpartum pains…


Photo by Traci Farias Photography


My husband and I are in awe at the beautiful children that very ordinary people like us can make. It almost makes me want to have another one. 😉  And, as I was counseled, my fears were very unwarranted. I loved B the moment he was born and laid on my chest. I finally got THAT moment that I had been dreaming about since my first pregnancy (and didn’t get because of complications in labor). It was a magical moment that I will never forget. B is a very different boy from his brother. It has been a really cool experience to see how brothers can be so very different, even from birth. Little C was such an easy baby. I was lucky and blessed and I feel like God was watching over me, knowing that I couldn’t handle much more as a first time mom. This time around, God must have a lot of confidence in my parenting skills, ‘cuz this little buddy is TOUGH. Very needy snuggly. Very [ravenously] hungry. Super sensitive. I wanted a mama’s boy. I surely got one.

Motherhood is awesome. Growing up I was never the girl that dreamed of love, marriage and the baby in the baby carriage, but I got all of that, and it feels really good. The boys keep me very busy at home. A part of me misses working and wonders if I will go back, but I try to focus on this moment in my life. This moment that God is calling me to be a mom to our children. I have to catch myself when I tell people I’m “just a mom” now. I have to realize that being a mom is an extremely important job and that I need to invest my whole heart in it and the benefits are so much greater than a title and a 401k plan.

Soon, when my eyes are less cloudy and my head is more clear, I will share B’s nursery (which is super cute and I’m soooo proud of) and more of the happenings in our little life. For now, duty calls. Or, dookie calls I should say. Yup, diaper change time.



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