Life has been really serious lately, hence, all of my very serious and deep-thought filled posts. I don’t think I need to apologize for that but I do feel like things were getting a bit heavy. I don’t want to come off as a sullen, bitter, overwhelmed mom all of the time. That’s only the occasional, I-want-to-feel-sorry-for-myself day. And I think those are okay. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, is that those are the days I feel most like writing. But that’s okay, too (I hope).

I also think that frivolous posts about beauty items are more than okay. So, I wanted to share my favorite budget beauty buys. As a mom on a budget, sometimes it can be hard to justify my needs and wants when it comes to beauty products. Some things are frankly totally worth the $80 price tag and some things are just not. Here are my personal favorite beauty buys that won’t break the bank (say that a few times fast!).

Best Budget Beauty

Best Budget Beauty by jennifer-corum
  1. St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer is all about bang for your buck. I mean, it should be with a name that long, right?! But really, it is a powerhouse for skin and gives amazing results for a fraction of the cost of most moisturizers, even drugstore ones. What is also CRAZY, is that you get a whopping 10 ounce tub for jut a couple of dollars. I’ve posted about this one before so I won’t ramble on.
  2. Real Techniques makeup brushes are just frickin’ amazing. They stand up to and often out perform my more expensive ones. I used to think that I had to have all MAC brushes for the best makeup application. These blow those, and most others, out of the water. The Pixiwoo gals behind these are also the most lovely and talented makeup artists. You must check out their YouTube channels.
  3. I also used to think that I had to use only salon quality hair products, and then I found OGX, and OMG, they are amazing. This is the best drug store hair care line. I get amazingly soft, manageable hair and that is really hard to do for my damaged, dry and thick mane of hair. They have endless varieties so find one that suits your hair type, and fall in love.
  4. I hate my legs. Hands down, one of my worst features (if you ask me). I refuse to wear shorts. However, I love dresses, so when I have to bare my stems, I turn to Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. Yes, I know. It’s makeup for your legs. But… one try and you will be hooked. It covers up ugly veins, scars, and other unsightly bits and gives just a slight warm glow. Note: not waterproof, so don’t think you can sport this poolside. You’re on your own there.
  5. Oz Naturals products are incredible and are an insane value. Serums can run up to the $100 mark or more and though I do think your skin needs it once you’ve hit age 30, it’s hard to shell out that kind of cash for something that just sort of lightly applies to your skin and doesn’t make you instantly look like a fairy princess. However, their Vitamin C serum is super comparable to the one from Ole Henriksen but for less than half the cost.
  6. Oh if I could sing the wonders of Rosebud Salve. I’ve loved this stuff for years now. Quite possibly for a decade or more. It does everything and it does it well – lip gloss, acne treatment, brow tamer, burn soother, moisturizer and more. It is truly a wonder product.
  7. Nothing beats NYX. I just discovered this brand a few years ago and have been really impressed. One of my faves is their lip glosses. They are shiny but not sticky or tacky, lightly scented but not overwhelmingly sweet and the color range is incredible. My fave is the cult favorite shade called Beige (which is not beige at all but more of a pinky mauvey tone).
  8. Step aside MAC eyeshadows, as you have met your match in Inglot! I just cannot even believe how amazing these are and the incredibly huge color range. They apply and blend like silk, they last all day and then some and they are totally affordable at $7 a shadow. That may sound like a lot but the pans are huge and they last forever and this stuff is seriously high quality. Their freedom system is a really great way to build your favorite palette on the cheap.
  9. There is just something about that pink and green tube of Maybelline Great Lash mascara that I love. You just can’t go wrong with it. They nailed it with this formula. No wonder it’s been a consistent favorite of makeup artists and women in general for over 40 years.
  10. I think I’ve already posted about this stuff but I love Avene’s Thermal Spring Water mist for freshening up when it’s hot as can be outside. But I may have failed t0 mention that it’s also great for setting and refreshing your makeup as well. It just takes that powdery look from the face away and gives you a boost.

**I tried out Polyvore for the first time to create the board of beauty products, so they are not linked above because you can click through to access on Polyvore. Hope you guys like it. I just don’t have the time or energy to spend in Photoshop to create the boards, however adorable they might be. It was so easy and so cool in Polyvore. I could see myself getting addicted to that site!


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