JennHi, I’m Jenn.  At least everyone calls me that. My name is Jennifer but as I get older, it just sounds too formal and everyone has taken to calling me Jenn anyway, but I insist you spell it with two N’s. I started a blog back in late-2008 (under the name Photographs and Memories) just a few short weeks before I married Mr. C (or Ryan). I was feeling so much at the time and was just dying for a creative outlet. I also wanted to be able to share with friends and family what we were up to before and since the wedding, really because there was only an 11 month period between Mr. C and I meeting and saying “I do”. To some friends and family, one spouse or the other was a stranger.

As I continue to write, the blog continues to develop. Maybe someday it will become more of what I want it to be, and maybe someday it will become more interesting but no promises. We are, just another family! Either way, I hope you enjoy what you read and laugh with us as we learn the lessons that God is constantly teaching us. That, or you can just laugh at us. 😉

A little more about me…
I live to make people laugh. Baking, photography and design are my passions. I love dogs. I hate cats. My favorite smells are fresh-cut watermelon, freshly mowed grass, that watery smell that comes from streams in the mountains, and orange blossoms in the spring. I’m scared of bats, sharks, sloths, marionette puppets and the dentist. I love coffee but hate Starbucks. I love to sing and I love music. I hate to dance. I love the mountains and the beach equally. I love crafting, creating and decorating. I’m a technology junkie. I’m a nature and science nerd. I hate chick flick movies. I love to read. Horror movies scare me to death. I’ve got pride for my Dutch heritage. I absolutely hate to exercise. I love fruits and vegetables. I’m addicted to Coca Cola. I like to drive fast. I love long naps. I’ve got a mean sweet tooth and I’ve passed it on to Ryan. I have a serious shoe addiction. I love Jesus. I love my husband. I love my sons.

Some things I believe…
Jealousy makes you ugly.
Envy robs you of the beauty in your own life.
Stand up to bullies.
Root for the underdog.
Believe, and be satisfied.
Fake it till you make it.
Never stop LEARNING.
Forgiveness is truly the greatest gift you can offer or receive.
Don’t fill your life with people that tear you down – you CAN choose your friends.
Nothing feels better than a safe, loving HOME.
For goodness sakes, BE ON TIME!
Make people see JESUS in you.
When you are down, ENCOURAGE someone else.
Don’t take life too seriously – laugh every day.
Gossip will kill humanity.
Change hurts, but it works.
Love is an action word.
Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten note.
PEOPLE always matter.
“Fine” is the worst F-word in the English language.
Words hurt; proceed with caution.
Take care of your mind and body – you only get one.
It’s okay to cry.
It’s also okay to ask for help.
Trust is a journey, not a race.
You are loved. Always.

Mr CAbout him…
The Hubbs, Ryan, or Mr. C, or just plain “CORUM” as all his friends tend to call him. He’s my wonderful hubby of 7 years and though he doesn’t write in the blog, he’s a definite contributor. He’s handsome, talented and hard-working. Just like his mom, he’s a big dreamer and has great aspirations for his life. He’s a man of many trades and a man of even more hobbies. He’s a real man’s man! Rock climbing, basketball, motorcycles and more. He’s an amazing father and loves our little boys with his heart and his arms… meaning, he’s an involved dad who is in the mix in raising our sons. Ryan lives and believes that love is an ACTION word.

Mr C…
Loves basketball – playing and watching. Loves rock climbing and the great outdoors. Gets goofy when things get tough. Loves fruit, especially blueberries. Doesn’t love vegetables.  Likes “Bay Area” teams that his wife loathes. Is an awesome dancer – serious rhythm and moves. Plays guitar, and occasionally, the banjo. Is passionate about music. Loves a good massage. Adores dogs, especially ours. Likes to run. Loves anything Nike. Digs caramel-dipped apples. Eats really really fast. Is passionate about In N Out burgers and fries. Will go miles out of his way for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Peet’s Coffee. Seems to know “someone” in every town we travel to. Has an extraordinary sense of direction.


WebIMG_4123_Corum Family_2012-11-25The boy…
Little C. Baby C. Little man. Bear. The reason I am on this earth. Our sweet baby boy joined our little family in May of 2012 and turned our lives upside-down, in the best way possible. He is handsome. He is sweet and mellow. He is a shameless flirt. He has our hearts. He is huge and grows almost visibly day by day. He never stops moving. Never stops talking. Never stops… anything. His grandparents adore him and so do most of the people that meet him. We’re raising him to be a man of strength, integrity, wisdom, patience, respect and generosity. In short, we think he’s pretty darn fantastic.



DSC_1236-EditThe “new” boy…
Baby B. Bumble B. The third boy I’ve fallen in love with. He joined our little family in October 2014. He is a MAMA’S BOY if there ever was one, but I don’t think I would have it any other way. He’s the complete opposite of his older brother which has thrown us for a loop! He’s needy passionate. He’s soooooo happy. He is breaking records on size in this family. I’m clearly raising giants. I didn’t think it could get better than the hubbs, the boy and I. Then came B. And all is as it should be. I simply love him.


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